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Getting right in his face and looking right into his eyes, his arms flailed as my face grew closer. His fingers left prints of his nose blood on his arms and a bit on my face. My teeth were in full display. Unable to compose myself, I seethed at him "You so much as text that girl again and I'll be back, and I don't care if I go to prison Needs to be merged with the 4chan History Timeline. I didn't keep track of the order in which 4chan boards were launched. The following list is collected mainly from 4chan news posts and web archives. 30th September, Moot announces in Something Awful's ADTRW forum. Thread is titled And Legion said, Let the newfags lurk and learn the way. They shall be Anonymous, and forgive not, and never forget, and raep the weak: and catch the Phish of the sea, and throw shit at the fowl of the air, and lord over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. - The Book of Genesis, The Book A lot of people who viewed my previous video have asked for dating advice along the lines of “Well if we can’t corner women in a hotel elevator and ask them back to our hotel rooms before we’ve said anything else to them, how are we ever going to get laid??” So I’ve decided to offer some history of carbon dating willard Itoko Otoko was previously a wikichan article documenting a series of posts compromising a story on /b/ regarding cousincest. Itoko Otoko (従姉男, literally "Cousin Man") is the name given to a poster on the 4chan image board who recounted the tale of his incestuous encounter with his female The Trump–Ukraine scandal is an ongoing political scandal in the United States. It revolves around efforts by U.S. President Donald Trump to coerce Ukraine and other foreign countries into providing damaging narratives about Democratic Party presidential primary candidate Joe Biden as well as information relating to Russian interference in the United States elections. No more motivational posters. Seriously, they are dumb. /a/radio threads are not allowed, do not post them. moot agreed, don't bother him about it. don't bother moot. A meme that started from the mods banning /a/ radio threads (an internet radio station broadcasting anime/weeaboo music, and which The Bibliotheca Anonoma: A wikified library of the internet's treasures. Researching Something Awful, 2channel, 4chan, and other imageboard/textboard communities. - bibanon/bibanon It has come to my attention that /b/ does not like me anymore. The only reason I kept at it is because I had some false hope that /b/ would want me to come back. Turns out I was wrong, so I'm done. If you're one of the people that hate me, you're getting your way, congrats. If you don't, I'll still · Since you’re all so experienced and giving me good advice… ###2ch This guy is a serious pain in the ass. ###2ch Why don’t you meet her face to face? Then she’ll definitely know how barf-worthy you are. ##OP I WANT TO BUT THEY MIGHT CALL THE POLICE. I’ve keeping watch in front of the train station, but I’m suspecting she changed her

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(Dec - Dec ) The term "Golden Age" does not refer to a lost time of actually funny and original content, or any sense of Victorian elegance, but to a time where 4chan became the center of internet, and even popular culture in the same manner as 2channel in Japan. With ever greater growth, the … Fredrick Brennan is a vivid dreamer, and toward the end of his time running the notorious website 8chan, one sequence would play out in his mind night after night as he slept. Brennan, wheelchair Here are the best 4chan boards and memes, as well as guide to help get you started. Whether you’re looking for buying advice or just want to share pics of He was the face of 4chan from ... I awoke at around and found her sprawled over me, she had been awake in the night, that much was obvious because I noticed the unzipped sleeping bag was there too. Maybe she got up to take a piss or maybe she was too cold and went to get it, either way it was curious What was more curious ... dating going with the flow · Everything is still the same. Not weird, not notable, not good — the same. Once you get past the incongruity of seeing Dennis Rodman watch basketball with North Korea’s Supreme Leader, it quickly becomes apparent that nobody is the better for any of this, save of course Dennis Rodman, who was paid “an undisclosed sum” to show his face · The hit Japanese TV series “Densha Otoko” (Train Man) will be adapted into a musical for American audiences, its producers said, reversing a historic trend that has almost always gone in the opposite direction. It is the first time for a Japanese TV show on terrestrial broadcasting to get… The Bibliotheca Anonoma: A wikified library of the internet's treasures. Researching Something Awful, 2channel, 4chan, and other imageboard/textboard communities. - bibanon/bibanon This is a dataset of the all-time top 1, posts, from the top 2, subreddits by subscribers, pulled from reddit between August 15–20, 2013. - umbrae/reddit-top-2.5-million Wondering if a girl likes you as more than a friend? Do all those late-night study sessions before your big calc test mean something? Or does she just see you as a homework buddy… After all those minutes of tension-filled review, you’re ready to ask her out, but also don’t want to get Myspace replaces any links you enter into their text fields with a redirect through This is nothing new, but apparently after only taking them an entire year they figured out how to tell if the link goes off-site. Any off-site links will be met with this before redirecting

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By Hannah Harkness Obviously the worst thing about white nationalists is their racism and spread of hatred and violence. Feel free to read all of the think pieces and literature that has been written about them from WWII to present in regards to that. Today, however, I want to focus The Bibliotheca Anonoma: A wikified library of the internet's treasures and many guides. - madasi/bibanon The questions are nutty and awful: “Would you rather eat an entire Christmas tree, or have all of your children have Jim Carrey’s face from The Grinch tattooed on their chests?” is one NPOV tag removed. Wait, why was the NPOV tag removed? Half Hat , 12 November (UTC) . Because the community at large, and not the vocal minority of editors on this talk page who believe the content of the page is biased, came to the conclusion that it was against Wikipedia's policies and guidelines to have this article persistently tagged as being "biased". Most of this comes from a tertiary source, a Redditor who restored the 4chan History Timeline to the second Wikichan. Please correct any problems you see. 4chan may have been the most successful English anonymous discussion board, but it was neither the first nor the most popular. - A man named I decided as a show of good faith and to show that I'm placing a little bit of faith in her; Instead of calling her by her name, (a name that made me cringe at the mere thought of it), I'd give her a new one. Yeah, it was silly and childish, but hey, if it worked it might encourage her, and it's not like I had anything to lose 4chan is hands-down one of the interesting and influential websites ever created. It functions as the America of popular culture on the internet, the ultimate source for most internet memes, and a beacon of anonymity in a world that is becoming more socially invasive. The site influenced a new We stand at a unique time in our history, the rise of the Internet and computer technology have contributed to an unparallelled rate of prosperity for the First World. We have created for ourselves and empire unlike any other, a global network of constant trade and communication, a new age of short greeting for a dating app · 4chan. 4chan has been in the when for a little while its butler mascot was sort of the face of the internet. ... confused mumble, or the fact he’s lovably weird – nobody really knows. But ... In a reactionary move towards the rise of 4chan, Lowtax begins to create a Soviet-style police state of arbitrary rules on SA (which cost users their $15 accounts). 4chan's free and anonymous posting, lenient moderation, and SA-influenced culture proves to be an appealing alternative, like Colonial

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· Also known as "That Guy in the Crowd". Background character from Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann who gained rapid popularity on /a/ for arming a "fuck you" to the very hated political backstabber, Rossiu. Bruce's sole act of defiance, almost totally obscured in a sea of enthusiastic Rossiu supporters, struck /a/ as very amusing. Furthermore, neither Reddit nor 4chan even existed at the time of this very isolated, very narrow study from That approach may seem weird or radical, but if you work on a variety of articles you will discover that is is a valuable and necessary means of resolving other disputes. a dating advice column, ("Curing Feminist ... 16 - moot re-enables forced_anon and sticky number IDs that follow a poster for 24 hours - a forced tripcode, in other words - enabling them to be tracked across threads. The header is changed to "Old /b/", old-timey instrumental music is played and the mods drop the banhammer like all hell. The gary jones on dating sites · 4chan's momentous Civil War Era begins with moot's dismissal of moderators W.T. Snacks and Shii, seen by many anons as a harbringer of impending doom. And doom seemed imminent for all; with exponentially increasing immigration, 4chan's /b/ had begun to experience sharp cultural changes that left There’s this girl I’ve had feelings for since high school, and now we’re in college together. We’ll call her Denko. Once we hit second year, we went out drinking, and I worked up the courage to exchange numbers. We started out talking often, but she hasn’t answered me in three days now. I · And they're all a little weird. Case in point: Last time we checked, a "featured member" on the front page had three moustaches descending down his face (just sit there for a moment and imagine that). On January 7, , a year-old video from a strangely tantalizing teenager named Boxxy came to the full attention of /b/, which in turn incited a major civil war on /b/ between boxxy lovers and boxxy haters. Normal users, tired of both sides, took down the entire site in a major DDoS, forcing mods Hey /b/, I'm Fukiya Siking. I'll be a freshman in college this year (in b4 underage b&, I'm 18). Most people think I'm a bit weird, because I like animu and such, my favorite pokemon is pikachu. Although I must admit, seaking is quite the badass. They say that college is the most exciting time of Thinking you "trolled" a person just by making it believe a lie is just completely wrong and a retarded misuse of term that is used to describe people who literally try to make you angry just by insulting you or your tastes. in others forums they do it right. It's just 4chan and 4chan's lame knockoffs that fail at knowing the meaning of trolling. 0 shares Share on Facebook Share on Twitter By Hannah Harkness Obviously, the worst thing about white nationalists is their racism and spread of hatred and violence. Feel free to read all of the think pieces and literature that has been written about them from WWII to present in regards